6th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship


16 Sep
22 Sep 2018
22 May 2018

Registration for 6th FAI Paragliding Accuracy European Championship Kobarid Slovenia is on-going

Registration for the 6th FAI Paragliding Accuracy European Championship, Kobarid, Slovenia, is on-going. The event will take place from 16 to 22 September 2018. It is organized by KJP Krokar and Društvo Adrenalin.

All pilots are invited to register individually using the following form.

The organizers ask nations, interested in participating in this event, to register their teams using this registration form. Please send the filled form to the following email address: igorerzhen (a) gmail. com no later than 30.06.2018. Upon receiving the registration the organizers will send you a confirmation email.

The maximum number of pilots constituting a National team is 7 in total (with a maximum 5 of one gender). You can register your national team and any additional pilots that might be participating in case of extra spaces become available.

Local regulations of the event can be downloaded here.

About Kobarid:

The area of Kobarid, a small town under the mighty Mt. Krn (2244 m), extends beyond the town of Kobarid and its surroundings to Breginjski kot, Livško, the gorge of Trnovska soteska – centre of rafting and kayaking exploits – and the wonderful mountain villages under Mt. Krn (Drežnica, Vrsno and Krn).