FAI General Air Sport Commission (CASI)

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The responsibilities of the FAI General Air Sport Commission are in the areas of Definitions, Measurements Standards and Methods, FAI preferred terminologies, FAI Sporting Licences, Control of Certified FAI Achievements, World records and Sporting Events.


The FAI General Air Sport Commission meets in full (plenary) session annually, normally on the day before the start of the FAI General Conference and at the same location. The Commission Bureau normally meets the day before.


Between annual meetings, the FAI General Air Sport Commission is run by the Bureau.

CASI in the FAI constitution

The FAI Constitution consists of the FAI Statutes  and the 

. References to the Air Sport General Commission which show the basis for its operation within FAI are :


  • Statutes - paragraph
  • Statutes - Terms and Definitions: International Appeals Tribunal
  • Statutes - paragraph (responsibility over the General Section of the FAI Sporting Code).
  • By-Laws - Chapter 3
  • By-Laws - paragraph 3.3 (Voting)


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