The FAI Astronautic Records Commission (ICARE) appraises and administers manned spaceflight record activities.


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FAI is awarding every year a number of prestigious Astronautic Medals and Diplomas, to recognize outstanding achievements that have greatly contributed to the cause of Space. These awards are defined in the ByLaws to the FAI Statutes. They are:

  • The FAI Gold Space Medal
  • The Yuri Gagarin Gold Medal
  • The Vladimir Komarov Diploma
  • The Korolev Diploma
  • The Odyssey Diploma
  • The FAI Honorary Group Diploma (for Astronautics)


The FAI Astronautic Records Commission meets once a year at an Annual Meeting.

Each FAI Member Country may appoint a Delegate with the right to vote at the Plenary Meeting.


Between annual meetings, the FAI Astronautic Records Commission is run by the Bureau, which consists of the President and 1 Vice President. The Bureau is elected by the Plenary Meeting.

The Bureau is elected during the annual meeting of the FAI Astronautic Records Commission.


Each FAI Member Country can appoint a Delegate to the FAI Astronautic Records Commission and participate in the work of the commission.


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