07 Sep 2007

Annual Report to FAI General Conference 2006-2007

2007 saw the completion of the revision of Championship Rules and the final adoption of Media Events within those Rules. Proposals to further improve slalom and postman events, running them as parallel events, was further refined and tested during the German Open Championship at Eisenach. It is agreed both by competitors, Commission members and Members of Press present that this was a welcome improvement adding to spectators enjoyment. A further Press Open Day was held prior to the Championship. This is an accepted task for the Organiser of every Category I and Category II CIG Events. The Open German Championship attracted an increased entry list with the competitors from 7 Nations. It was programmed to be a preliminary run of the 2008 World Championship at the same site. It proved to be a great success. Following the award of the World Air Games to Turin the Commission emphasised its keenness to play a major part in this event. A Liaison Officer, speaking fluent Italian and having a substantial knowledge of Rotorcraft Sports, has already been appointed. Italy hosted their 1st Helicopter Championship as part of their contribution towards the Air Games. The offer by the Commission to provide help and guidance was warmly accepted with great enthusiasm. The Commission takes this opportunity of congratulating Turin on being selected whilst complimenting the Cities of Odense and Moscow on the submission of well prepared proposals. The Commission warmly welcomes, appreciates and congratulates them on their contribution. At the last Meeting the Commission appointed a Media Consultant and a Webpage Editor. Their input has already added to the Commission’s skill base. In this respect, we extend our appreciation to Hubert Gesang and Thilo Petry for their work. I have very warm words for 1st Vice Presdient Konrad Geissler. His skill at organising major events is envied. The 2nd Vice President, Irina Groushina, has been instrumental in the increased interest in our activities. She takes over the duties of CIG’s Chief Judge as from the end of the current year. Secretary and Rules Committee Chairman, Wolfgang Perplies, continues to contribute greatly to the successful running of events and the careful consideration that he gives to rule interpretation and implementation. I am honoured to have been re-elected unanimously by the Delegates. The Commission is keenly aware that without the administrative help, guidance and contribution made by Max Bishop, Secretary General, and all our friends in Lausanne our work and success would be that much more difficult to achieve. On behalf of the Commission we extend our sincere thanks for the contribution they make towards the success of the Rotorcraft World.David Hamilton – President.