The precision event tests the skill of the pilot to fly a low level course with manoeuvres. For this event two ropes with chains are attached to the under-carriage of the helicopter where they cannot be seen by the pilot nor the co-pilot.

One rope is two metres long and must not touch the ground; the other is three metres long and must not leave the ground. The pilot sets off on a course marked by two parallel lines forming a corridor with an en route distance of two hundred metres. 

The pilots will also be required to make two turns at designated corners drawn randomly, both turns are 360° but one is clockwise and the other is anti-clockwise. The event is ended with the helicopter landing on the landing line. The pilot will already have placed a marker tape on the skid of the helicopter prior to the event starting and he will now be measured to see how far he is from the landing line, this measurement is made in centimetres. The time to fly the course is 135 seconds. The penalties are accumulated for height and corridor violation and inaccuracies on the landing line.