Fender rigging involves accurate flying whilst manoeuvring a boat fender through a course to place the fender in a pre-determined series of containers half a metre wide.

The fender is deployed on a rope with handling aids at 4, 6 and 8 metres. The event begins with the pilot flying the helicopter through a start gate to the first container with the fender at a 4 metre length and placing the fender in the container. Before the fender is lifted the rope is extended to the 6 metre length by the co-pilot and it is then flown to the next container via another gate. When the fender is in this container the rope is now extended to the remaining length before it is removed and flown to the third and final container. The event timing stops when the third fender is placed in the last container and the co-pilot releases the rope. The time to complete the competition before penalties is 50 seconds.