08 Apr 2016

FAI Rotorcraft Commission 2016 Annual Meeting - Main Decisions and Discussions

The 2016 Plenary Meeting of the FAI Rotorcraft Commission (CIG) was held from 10 – 11 March 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The get-together took place in the MSI, the Maison du Sport Internationale, where also the headquarters of the FAI are located.

Please find below the main decisions and discussions during the meeting:


• The revised FAI Organiser Agreement has been presented and very well received. 
• The Commission decided on introducing the Category 2 for sanctioned events. In 2016 there will be up to four helicopter events, mostly open National Championships, which will be Category 2 events.

Awarded Championships

The Bureau will review two bids for the 16th FAI World Helicopter Championship by the NAC of Belarus and the Czech Republic. The decision will be taken through e-mail voting amongst all delegates.

Bureau Elections

New - President: Jacques BERLO (BEL)
1st Vice President: Irina GRUSHINA (RUS)
New - Vice President: Marcin SZAMBORSKI (POL)
Secretary: Hans-Peter SCHOEFFLER (GER)

David Hamilton, former President of the CIG Commission has been appointed as President of Honour.

The Plenary unanimously agreed to reduce the number of Vice Presidents by one Vice President.
The Plenary unanimously agreed to reduce the number of Secretaries to one Secretary.

Elections Rules Committee

Wolfgang PERPLIES (GER) 
David MONKS (GBR) 

Next Meeting

The next Plenary Meeting of the CIG Commission will be held from 09 to 10 March 2017, again in Lausanne, Switzerland.