07 Mar 2018

Getting ready for the 16th FAI World Helicopter Championship!

The global helicopter community is gearing up for the FAI World Helicopter Championship 2018, which will be held July 23 - 29 in Minsk, Belarus.

To ensure the success of the Championship, the event organiser will draw on experience gained during the Helicopter World Cup 2017, as well as the 27-crew World Championship test-event at which it states that:

  • 27 crews from 5 countries took part
  • all disciplines were fully completed
  • the judging was professional and clear
  • great accommodation was provided for the members of the delegations
  • all competitors and officials had the opportunity to enjoy a free sightseeing tour of Minsk
  • the opening and closing ceremonies involved the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus
  • beautiful medals and prizes were awarded
  • more than 27,000 spectators attended the event to see the beauty and excitement of helicopter sports

The Organising Committee will also take into account the feedback it received from competitors, judges and guests who attended the test-event, using it to do an even better job when hosting the 16th FAI World Helicopter Championship.

FAI, in conjunction with the event organiser, is pleased to present the upgraded logo of the FAI World Helicopter Championship:

The official 16th FAI World Helicopter Championship Bulletin #1 is now available on the FAI website.

The official website www.whc2018.by will be online very soon.

Both the event organiser and the FAI look forward to seeing you in Minsk!

The final deadline for the Preliminary Entry Form, which must be signed by the relevant NAC, to be sent to info@whc2018.by is March 19, 2018.