Event Description

Aerobatic manoeuvres were first invented by early military pilots to escape from their enemies during the First World War but were further developed between the wars as a form of public entertainment and then, starting in the 1930's, serious competition. At the World Aerobatic Championships, the best aerobatic pilots in the world fly exciting compulsory, unknown, and freestyle programmes.

This event will require pilots to demonstrate their ability to manoeuvre their high-performance aircraft at extreme physical limits and within a 1-km cube (the “box”) located just in front of the public.

Powered Aerobatics is a thrilling and highly dynamic event, and interaction with the public can be enhanced by using the latest in technology to show the ideal aerobatics manoeuvres on large screens.

Venue Requirements

Air Space Requirements : A box of 1 cubic km (with 0.5 km safety margins on top of the box and at all sides) above the main venue or in close proximity.

Event Site : A runway below or in close vicinity of the aerobatic box for emergency landings. Spectators are located 200-500 meters from the box. Ideally, judges and spectators should be able to look at the aerobatic box with their back to the sun.

Technical Equipment

  • Portable radios for Jury President, Contest Director and Chief Judge
  • Scoring software (provided by CIVA)
  • Box markings to be placed on the ground to define Performance Zone (specifications provided in competition rules)
  • Hangars for assembling aircraft, maintenance and parking.
  • Bio-degradable smoke oil


  • Type : Individuals and Teams
  • Expected Competitors : 50 pilots


  • Jury : 3
  • Chief Judge : 1
  • Judges : 7
  • Assistant Judges : 7
  • Organizer: 5-7


Championships usually take place over 10 day period with buffer built into schedule for weather and wind delays.  Four flight programmes are included in the Championships.

Additional Comments

Depending on the location of the World Aerobatic Championships, assistance from the Organizer might be required to identify and rent aerobatic aircraft for overseas pilots.


Current FAI Sporting Code for Powered Aerobatics

Videos on FAI Aerobatics events : http://www.youtube.com/faiaerobatics