F3A Radio Control Aerobatics World Cup

2016 Final Ranking





# comp
1 NURILA Lassi FIN 76 6
2 KAISER Stefan LIE 76 4
3 Bruckmann Gernot AUT 75 4


More detailed ranking of the World Cup can be found in the download section.

Individual results of the competitions can be found in the Download section below.



New World Cup Board is assigned

For the season 2017 there is appointed a new World Cup Board for the World Cup F3A. It will consist out of the following members:


Giorgio Baggiani (ITA)    Subcommittee Member
Harry Ells (CAN)  Subcommittee Member
Peter Uhlig (GER) Subcommittee Chairman


Lassi Nurila is the 2016 F3A World Cup Winner !!!

Lassi Nurila from Finland has won the F3A World Cup 2016 just as he did previous year 2015. It was a close finish again with Stefan Kaiser. They had after 3 competitions exactly the same points so the number of considered competitions needed to be increased. Lassi had 6 competitions where Stefan had 4. Stefan's 4th result couldn't be considered because it was the second one from Austria where only one result per country can be considered. With that Lassi has more points after 4 competitions.

Congratulations to Lassi Nurilla!!


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