F3A Radio Control Aerobatics World Cup

2016 Ranking to date (5 of 15 results counted)





# comp
1 van der Vecht Derk NED 57 3
2 NURILA Lassi FIN 49 2
3 KAISER Stefan LIE 45 2


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2016 F3A World Cup - GBR

The sixth competition for the World Cup has been completed. This competition was done in Ashford, England. In very nice weather, unusual good for England, it was a good competition over 3 days. A bit unfortunate was that the third day ended with rain. In all the rounds at the end there was an English winner, Matt Hoyland.

Number of competitors: 20

Number competitors counted: 19

Number of countries: 5

Podium places:

1 - Hoyland Matt, England

2 - van der Vecht Derk, the Netherlands

3 - Bruckner Nils, Germany

47th Innviertler Wanderpokal

The fifth competition for the World Cup has been completed. For this competition the pilots went to Schaerding, Austria. Traditionally a strong field of competitors and quite some big names. This time the competition was won by Lassi Nurila from Finland.

Number of competitors: 36

Number competitors counted: 30

Number of countries: 11

Podium places:

1 - Nurila Lassi, Finland

2 - Bruckmann Gernot, Austria

3 - Kaiser Stefan, Liechtenstein

2016 F3A Leiria World Cup

The third competition for the World Cup has been completed. This time it was in beautiful Leiria, Portugal. It is perhaps quite a travel, but the atmosphere in the area and competition is worth it. On the other hand, this competition had some very far distance competitors coming from Brasil.

Number of competitors: 19

Number competitors counted: 16

Number of countries: 5

Podium places:


2 - Stefan Mändl, Germany


2016 Criterium International du Hainaut

The second competition for the World Cup has been completed. It was the usual start within Europe with the competition in Sivry, Belgium. Due to rain and fog unfortunately only 2 rounds of P could be completed.

For 2016 there is a new rule that only competitors will be counted in the World Cup ranking when at least one round of 750 points is achieved. The results of this rule is that the bottom 9 participants of the ranking are not counted.

Number of competitors: 47

Number competitors counted: 38

Number of countries: 12

Podium places:

1 - PAYSANT LE ROUX Christophe, France

2 - KAISER Stefan, Liechtenstein

3 - NURILA Lassi, Finland

2016 Australian Masters

The World Cup F3A 2016 is started with the first competition in Australia The first World Cup competition for the F3A class is completed in Melbourne, Australia.

Number of competitors: 17

Number of countries: 3

Podium places:

1 - van der Vecht Derk, the Netherlands

2 - Bailey Matthew, Australia

3 - Orchard Glenn, Australia


2016 World Cup calendar published

The complete 2016 World Cup calendar is published at the FAI Event Calendar. For 2016 there are again scheduled 15 competitions.


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