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Thorsten Folkers (Germany) wins the FAI WORLD CUP F3F 2013

The F3F WORLD CUP 2013 has finally ended with the last two competitions in Asia, mentioning a record number of participating organizers and pilots. Congratulations to the winner Thorsten Folkers (Germany) as well as the second and third placed Simon Thornton (UK) and Peter Kowalski (Germany), who can welcome the attractive WORLD CUP trophies and diplomas of FAI. But the biggest winner has been our sports class itself. With the inclusion of the Asian scene the WORLD CUP could increase its attractiveness and at the same time establish itself as a world-wide FAI series. New names and organizers have been on the plan. The ‘old continent’ has to realize, that the Far Eastern scene not only became the same level, but might already be a bit ahead. This is the impression you can get if you set the flown results in Taiwan as a standard. Beside these two known organizers, also the South Koreans and our friends in Singapore seem to be interested. Also worth to mention is the number of European pilots, who did not fear the long way to Hong Kong and Taiwan and with this, contributed to a shoulder-to-shoulder relationship with the people there, for which we are thankful. This personal Get-Together is a good base for the future arrangement of the world-wide scene in our class. It also should motivate the European top pilots to challenge ‘Mr. O’ on his house slope. “Hunting Mr. O.” is open!

We would therefore be grateful, if more organizers would participate at the FAI World-Cup series. There is few days left until the “check-in deadline” on the 15th November 2013….So maybe we could say ‘Welcome on board’ a little more often in the future……

Kind regards

Franz Demmler / FAI-CIAM WORLD CUP Coordinator F3F

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