F3F Radio Control Soaring (Slope) World Cup

Updated temporary ranking after 5 valid competitions

1 PLCH Radovan CZE 60
3 STARY Philipp AUT 53
4 ZIEGLER Martin AUT 52
5 FOLKERS Thorsten GER 38
6 RONDEL Pierre FRA 37
7 RUISL František SVK 36
8 GAUBATZ Lukas AUT 34
8 REIK Tobias GER 34
10 VLTAVSKY Daniel CZE 32




 The next stop will be Norway Open (NOR).

 Erik Schufmann, 30.05.2017


FAI F3F World Championship 2018

The FAI F3F World Championship 2018 will again take place on the beautiful Island of Rügen.
The bid was confirmed in the FAI CIAM Plenary Meeting on April 29th 2017 without objections and the competition will be held in October 2018.
Further Information will be published via the event website, which will be linked here, when it is available.

A big thank you goes to the organizers from the UK and Poland, who after a lot of work behind the scenes decided not to forward their bid. The community of pilots, officials and helpers would very much like to see a Category 1 cometition in these countries and we are looking forward to their bids in the near future.

Erik Schufmann






2017  F3F World Cup competition dates and locations 




F3F-FAIWC-2017 - 05-15  (519.26 kB)30 May 2017
Final Ranking 2016  (377.71 kB)22 November 2016
Final Ranking 2015  (439.93 kB)13 October 2015
Final Ranking 2014  (422.80 kB)12 November 2014
Final Ranking 2013  (453.37 kB)07 November 2013
Final Ranking 2012  (332.86 kB)17 October 2012