21 Feb 2022

2nd FAI Asian-Oceanic PG XC to be held in Korea

The CIVL Plenary has awarded the 2nd FAI Asian-Oceanic Paragliding Championships to be held in Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea. The event will be held in the middle of June 2024) exact dates are to be defined later. The event is organised by Korea Paragliding Association(KPGA) with the support of Federation of Korea Aeronautics (NAC).

Mungyeong Flying Park, located in Mungyeong, is a gliding site built for paragliding in 1999, with the help of billions of budget from Mungyeong city. It has a large take-off area that can take-off in all directions, as well as a large landing area. Since 2000, it has been hosting the FAI category 2 events every year including the PWC which was held in 2002 and 2006. It is known as one of the best PG Cross Country sites in South Korea, where safe tasks can be offered for athletes of various levels. 

• Take-off direction(s): 200~360, 40~170
• Height above valley: 600m
• Take off preparation area: 60m x 20m size grass-covered take-off
• Number of ramps:  3 ramps per direction
• Hazards: None
• Facilities: car park, shelter/shade, toilets, observatory
• Distance: only 1 km from Landing Zone to the Launch site

Task flying area is a mountainous region with typical alpine thermic conditions with can be demanding and strong. However, generally it is not so aggressive during June. Ridges and valleys have large areas of tree plantations. All task routes have options for safe valley landings. There are no specific dangerous areas.

More info in the Bid.

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Note: the 1st FAI Asian Oceanic PG Xc Championships were supposed to be held in Australia in 2020 but it was cancelled due to COVID.