2018 CIVL Plenary São João da Madeira (Portugal), 3-4 February 2018

The next FAI Hang Gliding & Paragliding Commission (CIVL) Plenary Meeting will take place in Porto, Portugal on 3 & 4 February 2018.


SANJOTEC - Centro Empresarial e Tecnológico
R. de Fundões 151
3700-121 São João da Madeira

Meeting Schedule:

1 February 2018    Asian Nations & Committees Open Meetings
2 February 2018    Committees and Working Groups Open Meetings 
3 February 2018    Plenary Meeting
4 February 2018    Plenary Meeting

Registration & accommodation:

Please register by filling this online form to confirm your participation.
It includes details of the suggested hotel: São João Da Madeira Business Hotel http://eversaojoaomadeira.com/
Standard Single EUR 60.00 B&B
Standard Twin EUR 65.00 B&B
To book your hotel room, please send an email to bookings@goldentulipsaojoaomadeira.com 
subject: "2018 FAI-CIVL Plenary Meeting”

For your information, further documents will be published online if and when they become available.



If a Delegate or their Alternate of a Member cannot attend a meeting, the Member may give a proxy to another Delegate. (BL 3.3.2)

Proxies must be:

•    given in writing to the FAI Head Office before the meeting. (Statutes
•    acknowledged by the Member accepting them (Statutes
•    signed by the President or Secretary General of the FAI Member concerned (BL 3.3.2)

A Member can have only one proxy at any one time (Statutes 1.12.4)
Proxies are not valid when voting for FAI Awards (Statutes
Commission Presidents may not carry proxies (By-Laws 3.3.2)

If you wish to use a proxy, a copy of the notification has to be sent in advance to the FAI HO.  Email: sports-commissions@fai.org / fax : +41 21 345 10 77 by the Member issuing the proxy.
Such a proxy delegation of voting rights shall require prior acknowledgement by the NAC accepting the proxy.

You can use the text form provided (download here). Please remember that only proxies signed by the President or Secretary General of the FAI Member concerned are acceptable.

The list of FAI Member organisations is available at: https://www.fai.org/members

Meeting Agenda, Minutes and technical documents are here: