Former Navy commander, Mitchell Shipley was then advanced technology research manager in a university laboratory. He is advanced rated hang glider instructor, lead flight instructor and tug pilot in a main US flying center, and electric tow winches manufacturer. Hang gliding since 1988, he was national team member in the 2013 worlds and then team leader. He practised also skydiving, scubadiving and motorcycling. He manages the US incident report database and has been CIVL safety officer since 2017.

Raymond Caux was hang gliding technical adviser at the FFVL, team member and then team leader in several world championships from 2003 to 2011. CIVL safety officer from 2012 to 2017, he first created and then managed these safety pages.

Dennis Pagen has been US delegate, CIVL hang gliding committee member or leader and competition steward for years. He implemented the hang gliding sprog setting policy. He overlooks the CIVL internal forum.