FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL)

CIVL Officers



CIVL Administrator and Competition Coordinator: Elena Filonova (Italy)

Communication: Elena Filonova (Italy)

Environment: Thomas Senac (France)

Hike & Fly: Thomas Senac (France)

IT & Software: Igor Erzhen (Slovenia) 

Jury and Steward: Jamie Shelden (USA) 

NAC Liason: Zeljko Ovuka (Serbia)

Records & Badges: Igor Erzen (Slovenia)

Safety: Fabio Loro (Italy)

World XC Online contest: Andreas Rieck (Germany)


** The country mentioned in brackets does not mean that the person is representing its NAC, but is just informative to show the person's sports background. CIVL officers are appointed by the Bureau.