22 Mar 2017

Austrian Guest Flight Provisions

By the 1st of March 2017 the new “Austrian Guest Flight Regulation” came into force. Aero club of Austria gives detailed explanation on how to fly legally hang glider or paraglider within Austrian airspace.

It is possible to fly in Austria according to the following acceptance principles:

 a) “General acceptance”, if holding a valid licence issued by a country mentioned in the Guest Flight Regulation. (Be aware, the regulation does not allow tandem operation and powered flying!)

Guest Flight regulation includes the following countries: Croatia, Poland, Australia, Czech.Republic, Portugal, Ukraine, Denmark, Rumänien, France, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Sweden, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway,

b) Single validation by submitting an application form to the Aviation Authority, if holding a licence issued by a country not mentioned in the Guest Flight Regulation.

c) Temporary validation, done by approved training organizations according to given guidelines by the Civil Aviation Authority.

NACs of the countries not listed in Guest Flight Regulation could ask their Ministry of Transport to deliver the required evidences to the Austrian Aviation Authority, if intended to become part of the Guest Flight Regulation.

Details and necessary contact can be found in the letter,  that also contains the following additional materials:

1. Overview of Austrian NAC activities on the Guest Flight Regulation

2. 2015’s letter from the Civil Aviation Authority to foreign countries

3. Unofficial translation of the relevant Austrian Law

The letter can be downloaded here.