FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL)

15 Mar 2020

CIVL and the Coronavirus

As most sports organisations, the FAI and CIVL have to face the challenges raised by the coronavirus pandemic. As the situation evolves day by day and country by country, it is impossible to come up with definite statements and solutions. This is today situation. We will be updating as needed.


The FAI President, Executive Board and Secretariat are following the situation closely and regret the disruptions, but feel like they are not in the best position to take comprehensive decision. They trust the Air Sport Commissions (ASC), that are much closer to the realty of their disciplines, to make the right choice. And, of course, they offer their help and support when needed.

A bit in the same way, the CIVL feels that the organisers are in the best position to take the right decisions according to the situation in their country and their federation or government’s recommendations. CIVL will help and support as much as we can.

First Category Events

On the organisers’ request, CIVL agreed to the ‘suspension’ of both the:

  • World Hang-Gliding in Class 1 (women), 2, 5 and Sport in the USA, starting April 19.
  • Asian Paragliding Accuracy set in Kazakhstan starting May 30.

For these events, the CIVL returned the sanction fees to the organisers and covered any travel expenses of its Officials.

‘Suspension’ is a practical term that allows giving time to time so we can think carefully about the next step.

Are still pending the:

  • European Hang-Gliding in Italy (starting July 4),
  • European Paragliding XC in Serbia (July 18),
  • Pan-American Hang-Gliding in the USA (August 2),
  • World Paragliding Aerobatic in Italy (August 5),
  • European Paragliding Accuracy in Romania (August 28)
  • Asian-Oceanic Paragliding XC in Australia (December 5)

These later dates allow everyone some time to take decisions. We should neither overreact nor be lax. The trick is: how long before the event is the proper time to take a decision.

Second Category Events

So far, we’ve had requests for postponement or cancellation of events from Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Korea, Japan. We are expecting more on a daily base.

What the CIVL Bureau has decided:

  • Postponements are allowed even without reserve date or outside the time frame defined by our rules.
  • In case of cancellation, sanction fees are returned fully (without administrative fee), but we encourage organisers not to claim them and use them instead for their next event (to avoid bank transfer charges).

We trust the organisers to anticipate and not wait to the last minute to postpone or cancel, so pilots have time take proper measures.

To save work and money, we trust the organisers submitting an application for future Cat 2 to wait the last minute to transfer sanction fees. Still, they may send the application whenever. The event will appear as provisional on the FAI calendar.