08 Aug 2007

A great man has gone!

In July the sad news about the loss of Angelo Crapanzano reached us. The world will miss this very special and great man. Angelo meant much to the hang gliding world. In addition to designing and producing emergency parachutes through his company Metamorfosi, Angelo was one of the inventors of the GAP scoring system, a scoring system that is still being used today in the majority of hang gliding competitions worldwide. Angelo was a team member and sometimes team leader of the Italian Hang Gliding team for many years and also represented Italy at some CIVL meetings. He was very inventive, and during some of these meetings, and at competitions, he often tried to convince CIVL people, pilots and others, of his new and sometimes radical ideas about many different subjects, all relevant, of course, to our rules, competition flying, safety etc. It was always a pleasure to deal with Angelo and if we needed his help or advice, he was always willing to help. A great person, who has contributed much to the world of hang gliding, has gone. We will miss him, this considerate and friendly man. And we wish his wife Luciana, his children, his family and friends much strength at this sad time. Flip Koetsier, CIVL President