IPPI Card: Australia

Is the IPPI Card accepted in your country?

 Yes, Pilots wishing to fly Paragliders and Hang Gliders in Australia need to take out a Visiting Pilot Membership. The online application process includes you uploading a copy of your pilot qualification and IPPI cards.

What is the minimum legal insurance coverage required in your country?

 AUD $ 20 million 3rd party Australian insurance and is included in your Visiting Pilot Membership. (Other international insurances are not valid or accepted in Australia).

What additional coverage does your country recommend (such as medical insurance, search and rescue etc…)?

 We recommend medical & evacuation insurance and SAR.

Is your NAC prepared to provide special insurance coverage for guest pilots who do not comply with your national law?

Australian Civil Aviation regulations require all visiting pilots to hold a pilot qualification approved by SAFA and that visiting pilots are made aware of the more stringent airspace rules that apply in this country. Our insurance requirements and aviation regulations are more stringent than the rest of the world. It is a requirement that ALL visiting pilots apply for and hold a Visiting Pilot Membership (VPM) with SAFA. This will ensure that you have complied with the regulations by providing your license and IPPI qualification. Access to many of our sites is based on legal agreements with a fundamental condition being insurance to $20 million. An accident involving a visiting pilot without this insurance would put our sites in extreme jeopardy and be extremely costly to the visiting pilot. Fines of $250,000.00AU and 2.5 years of jail can apply.

All inquiries can be made via SAFA website  https://www.safa.asn.au/visiting-international-pilots