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Is the IPPI Card accepted in your country ?

IPPI is not recognized by Polish authorities, however it is honoured by non-government entities, associations, takeoff site owners etc. According to Polish Aviation Law (Article 95), to fly without instructor’s assistance, a pilot from the EU needs only to have his national license.
Polish program of training has a lot in common with the directive lines of Para-Pro paraglider pilot certificate of competency. It exceeds IPPI3 requirements only in terms of air time (IPPI 3 = 2 hours airtime; Polish Certificate of Competency = 3,5h airtime).

What is the minimum legal insurance coverage required in your country ?

You need to be insured against civil liability for at least 350 000 PLN, which is approximately = 80 000 EUR.

What additional coverage does your country recommend (such as medical insurance, search and rescue etc...) ?


Is your NAC prepared to provide a special insurance coverage for guest pilots who do not comply with your national law ?

No. However other organizations such as Polish Paragliding Association provide such insurance.