IPPI Card: Sweden

Is the IPPI Card accepted in your country ?

Yes, for guest pilots the IPPI card is accepted as proof of skill/knowledge.

What is the minimum legal insurance coverage required in your country ?

The Swedish Paragliding Association(SSFF) today requires that its members have at least 5 million SEK liability coverage. (Note the 5 million level will likely be raised to about 10 million SEK in the near future.)

What additional coverage does your country recommend (such as medical insurance, search and rescue etc...) ?

The Swedish Paragliding Association Membership Fee includes a limited medical insurance (invalidity(400 000 SEK), death(40 000 SEK)) and a liability insurance (5 Million SEK).

Is your NAC prepared to provide a special insurance coverage for guest pilots who do not comply with your national law ?

We can surely address this matter together with our insurance company if this is desirable. (i.e: Offering a liability insurance to guest pilots should be possible, if the need for this is observed).