For evidence for Silver and Gold badge flights, a category of GPS recorder below that of the IGC-approved Flight Recorder (FR) may be used, called an "IGC Position Recorder" (PR), under rules and procedures in the Sporting Code for Gliding (SC3) mainly the Appendix to Chapter 4 and further detail on PRs in Annex C (SC3C).

National Airsport Control (NAC) Authorities for Gliding may issue National Approval Documents for each type of Position Recorder, having checked that IGC Sporting Code rules for PRs are complied with by the recording device concened. The IGC GFA committee is the principal advisor to IGC on GNSS recorder matters, and drafts of possible PR Approval documents are sent to GFAC before they are published, so that compliance with Sporting Code rules can be checked, and, if possible, commonality achieved where other NACs are approving the same equipment. When finalised and checked for compliance with the Sporting Code for Gliding, such documents will be posted on these web pages for general information.  Examples of the layout of IGC PR Approval documents are available via these web pages.