There are well-defined roles within a judging team. The tasks can be rotated and that is why it is important to know who does what in a judging team.

Chief Judge

The Chief Judge is the leader of the Judging Team. He/she contributes to the selection of the Judging Team and is responsible for the overall operation of the judges. The Chief Judge ensures that correct judging standards are maintained and that all equipment is of the right standard and working. In 1st Category Events, the Chief Judge is the main lecturer in the mandatory judging seminar.

The Chief Judge makes decisions on complaints from participants in a competition and can also stop the competition if the conditions are becoming dangerous. He/she is also responsible for the checking the results before they are published.

The Chief Judge keeps a record of the Judging Team and provides this information and evaluation of the judging team to the CIVL PGA committee.

Event Judge

The Event Judge is responsible for the target (that it is set out correctly and checked) and the running of it. The Event Judge allocates tasks to the Target Judges, observes the competitors’ separation in the air and during final approach as well as their flight from take-off to landing.

The Event Judge observes flying conditions and makes safety decisions, particularly at the target area.

The Event Judge makes decisions on re-flights.


Target Judges

The Target Judges observe the first point of contact of the pilot and/or their equipment with the ground and decide if the pilot can be scored or if it is a fall. They measure the score according to the rules in S7 C and if the automatic measuring device is defective, also mark and measure within the device limits.

The Scorer / Recorder and wind speed monitoring

There are also other important persons at the target. The scorer / recorder ensures that the scores are noted correctly, records the start, finish and stand down times of each and every rounds and posts the scores. There is also a person, often one of the judges, who monitors the wind speed.

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