FAI World Champions

35th World Freefall Style And Accuracy Landing Championships

2018 25-30 August, Erden Montana, Bulgaria

Male Individual Style


1st Aleksei Bykov (RUS)

2nd Elisha Weber (GER) 3rd He Yanan (CHN)
Female Individual Style


1st Zhang Ling (CHN)

2nd Leocadie Olliver de' Pury (FRA) 3rd Xing Yaping (CHN)
People's Republic of China Germany Czech Republic

Junior Male

1st He Yanan (CHN)

2nd Lukas Tschech (GER) 3rd Petr Chladek (CZE)
People's Republic of China Russia Russia

Junior Female

1st Xing Yaping (CHN)

2nd Kseniia Fominykh (RUS) 3rd Maria Elkina (RUS)