Technical & Safety Committee

The objectives of the ISC Technical and Safety Committee are:

  1. To co-ordinate FAI Member countries’ activities to further the development of the technical and safety aspects of parachuting throughout the world.
  2. To promote international standards and medical requirements for sport parachuting.
  3. To assemble, analyse and disseminate such information and statistics on parachuting activities in the FAI Member’s countries as can contribute to the improvement of equipment, training methods and to parachuting safety.
  4. To provide a forum for the exchange of information and discussion of mutual parachuting safety problems.


The ISC Technical and Safety Committee is a permanent committee established by the ISC. It reports directly to the Bureau and Plenary Meeting of the ISC and is responsible only to the Plenary Meeting.

Except for the publication of statistical information (paragraph Authority), all findings, reports, studies, recommendations and proposals of the ISC Technical and Safety Committee shall be presented to the Plenary meeting, which decides on its use, distribution or publication.


The ISC Technical and Safety Committee has standing authority to collect, store and process data and information relevant to parachuting safety as specified in paragraph 4 (Areas of Work). All ISC Members and their Delegates are obliged to provide all data requested by the Committee. The Technical and Safety Committee has standing authority to publish such statistical information as it deems relevant to the promoting of parachuting safety. The role of the Committee is advisory. It is recognised that final responsibility for parachuting safety lies with the national authorities in each country, and that these are different institutions in different countries.

Any recommendation issued by the ISC on proposal from the ISC Technical and Safety Committee may, if exceeding the scope of the Sporting Code, be applied in each FAI Member country only if it is not in conflict with the national regulations in the respective countries. 

It is also recognised that some countries categorise parachute equipment as aeronautical devices subject to airworthiness regulations, certification procedures and/or manufacturing standards based on ICAO Annex 8.

The ISC and the ISC Technical and Safety Committee will take this into consideration in their efforts to develop international equipment standards and will co-operate with relevant international organisations in this respect.