FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

Aeromodelling Scholarship

The Aeromodelling Scholarship of the FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) helps fund young pilots’ education.

Since 2011, a scholarship of 2500 each year is awarded to pilots aged between 16 and 21. The process is organised so that FAI Members (NACs) send their nominations (one per Member) to FAI. The nominations are then evaluated by a group of education experts before being approved by the CIAM Plenary.


The main rules for the scholarship are simple. One candidate from each NAC can be nominated. The nomination form can be found at www.fai.org/ciam-documents > CIAM Forms & Other Documents > Awards
More details about the Scholarship can be found on page 18 – 19 of the FAI Sporting Code, Section 4 Aeromodelling, CIAM General Rules (www.fai.org/page/ciam-code).


Any young Aeromodelling pilot can be nominated, as long as they are between 16 and 21 years old. On the form, the nominated pilot must list their education plans and achievements and, of course, Aeromodelling results. the nomination must also include a personal letter of one page written by the nominated person, on the following topic: What role did Aeromodelling play in your life and what are your aspirations for the future?


FAI Members (NACs) must send the nomination to the FAI Office before 15 November in order to be considered for the following year.


The Chairman of the CIAM Education Subcommittee, together with eight education experts from around the world evaluate the nominations before suggesting a winner. The CIAM Bureau then accepts the decision and announces the result at the CIAM Plenary meeting.

The winner then receives the Scholarship of €2500, together with the Spirit of Flight diploma.


The first year of the award (2011), we had two nominations. Over the years the number of nominations has increased to around five each year, with eight nominations in 2013.

The level of achievement from the nominated pilots is, of course, very high. To win, pilots must have a solid foundation in their education, plans for future education and high results in their flying events. Many of the winners continue to win big events after receiving the Scholarship.


Year Nominations from: Awarded to:


GBR, USA Oliver Witt (GBR)
2012 GER, POL, SWE Johannes Seren (GER)
2013 AUT, BUL, DEN, FRA, ITA, POL, SWE, USA Loïc Burbaud (FRA)
2014 AUT, BUL, MKD, NOR, SRB, SWE Oskar Findahl (SWE)
2015 AUT, BUL, POL, SRB Bernhard Flixeder (AUT)
2016 GER, POL, RUS, USA Konrad Zurowski (POL)
2017 GER, POL, RUS, SLK, SRB, USA Taron Malkhasyan (USA)
2018 IND, RUS, SLK, SRB, USA Michail Lomov (RUS)
2019 GBR, POL, SRB, SVK, USA Bojan Gostojic (SRB)
2020 BUL, EST, POL, SVK, UKR Michal Zitnan (SVK)
2021 BUL, POL, RUS Kristina Ivanova (BUL)
2022 FRA, GER Adrien Gallet (FRA)
2023 FRA, ISR, SVK, UKR, USA Yuval Sarig (ISR)
2024 HUN, SVK, FIN, AUT Imre Móric Csikár (HUN)