FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

Years 1960-1969

Authors: Tony Aarts and Peter Keim


CIAM Meeting October 21-23 in Brussels, attended by 25 people representing 15 NAC’s.
Introduction of permanent subcommittees for Free Flight, Control Line and Radio Control.
Meeting schedule introduced. Dates and flow of proposals to be put on the Agenda of the Plenary Meeting.
H.J Meier elected President, H.J. Nicholls elected Vice-President and R. Beck elected Secretary.

This year the first World Championships for Radio Control Aerobatics were held in Dübendorf, Switzerland, and first Control Line World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.


CIAM Bureau Meeting, April 11 at Hirzenhain, Germany

CIAM Plenary Meeting November 15-18 in Paris. 29 people represented 9 NAC’s.
In order to coordinate the work of the three subcommittees (see 1960) the post of Technical Secretary has been created. First elected Technical Secretary is Rudy Beck of Hungary. President and Vice-president were re-elected (see 1960), new elected Secretary being J. Jaaskelainen of Finland.
Elected Subcommittee Chairmen were: Free Flight H.J. Nicholls, Control Line R.G. Moulton en Radio Control Dr. W. Good.
A fourth Subcommittee has been introduced for Scale models. This S/C should determine an internationally acceptable set of rules for scale models (FF, CL and RC). Leroy Weber, USA, being the first chairman of this S/C.
Introduction of the Model Aircraft Specification Certificate and Sticker. These papers followed the decision that for International Contests, World and Continental Championships the processing of the models is the responsibility of the NAC’s, who by issuing the Certificate and Label (Sticker) guarantee that the model concerned conforms the specifications for that particular class.

First F1D World Championship in Cardington, Great Britain.


CIAM Meeting in Paris, November 22-24
Preparations by the subcommittees of the 1963 edition of the Sporting Code Section 4 will be co-coordinated by CIAM President H.J. Nicholls and Secretary A. Roussel (for English and French language respectively).
Model Rocketry (later called Space Models) recognized as part of model aviation activities within FAI. A technical subcommittee for this category has been formed, first elected chairman being Harry Stine, USA.
CIAM pleads for fitting silencers to internal combustion engines.
Provisional contest rules for indoor models declared official. Setting up draft rules for scale models show progress.
Request to all NAC’s to report RC-frequencies allowed for RC models in their country.
Elected Officers: H.J. Nicholls, President; Dr. W. Good (USA) Vice-president, A. Roussel, Secretary and R. Beck, Technical Secretary.


CIAM Meeting December 3/4 in Paris, attended by 32 people representing 17 countries.
Two days before the meeting, (Dec. 1st) Mr. A.F. Houlberg, first CIAM president, passed away.
Provisional rules for CL combat accepted for trial during one year.
Provisional rules for scale models accepted for trial during one year.
Judges for international Control Line and Radio Control aerobatics contests need CIAM approval.
All Bureau Officers re-elected (see 1962).


CIAM Meeting November 20/21 in Paris. 18 nations present with 32 people attending.
Provisional rules presented for gliders with automatic steering (class F1E).
Space Model Subcommittee presents draft rules for contests with space models.
Elected Officers: Dr. W. Good, President (succeeds H.J. Nicholls); R. Beck, Vice-president
(i.l.o. Dr. Good); A. Roussel, Secretary (re-elected); R. Cerny (CS), Technical Secretary (i.l.o. Beck).


CIAM Bureau Meeting in June in Zurich (SWI)

CIAM Meeting in December in Paris
Maximum rubber weight for Wakefield models (F1B) reduced to 40 grams, effective January 1st, 1967.
Introduction of 4 ceiling categories for indoor models (F1D).
F1C ???
All CIAM Officers re-elected, see 1964. Sandy Pimenoff elected chairman of the Free Flight Subcommittee.


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 15/16 in Zurich

CIAM Plenary Meeting on November 3/4 in Paris, attended by representatives from 19 countries, 36 people.
As a result of the Control Line World Championships in England this year the SMAE presents a paper “A Guide for Organizing a World Championship”. The organizers of many future World Championships will use the paper.
Provisional scale model rules declared official for Control Line and Radio Control Scale (rules for Free Flight scale models remain provisional).
Provisional rules for Space models declared official.
Elected Officers: R. Beck, President; S. Pimenoff, Vice President; other functions unchanged.
Subcommittee Chairmen: Control Line: H. Ziegler i.l.o. R. Moulton; Radio Control: M. Hill i.l.o. H. Nicholls.


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 26/27 in Frankfurt

CIAM Plenary Meeting October 17-20 in Budapest, Hungary.
1967: Secretary General C Hennecart; S Pimenoff1967: Secretary General C Hennecart; S Pimenoff
There were 16 countries represented by 33 people. There were many so-called East-block countries present. The following western countries did not attend: GBR, BEL, SWI, and SWE.
Preparation of new issue of Sporting Code Section 4 (Aeromodelling) approved. Effective 010168.
In future in case of doubt the text of the English version will prevail i.l.o. the French one.
The S/C Chairmen should choose the members of their S/C from a list with names submitted by each NAC (max. 3 names per NAC possible).
No changes in Bureau or S/C Chairmen.


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 10/11 in Frankfurt/Hirzenhain, Germany
First International Judges Course for RC Aerobatics, 13-15 April (Easter weekend) held at Hirzenhain. There were 41 participants from 17 countries. The course was conducted by Maynard Hill (USA).

CIAM Plenary Meeting in November, in Paris, attended by 46 people representing 22 countries.
Highlights: Coupe d’Hiver recognized as a provisional international class. ROG for this class cancelled.
Helmets obligatory for teamrace pilots. Monoline may no longer be used for Control Line Speed.
Silencers obligatory for RC aerobatics during World Championships 1969.
Changes in Bureau: S. Pimenoff elected President i.l.o. R. Beck; R. Cerny, Vice President, R. Moulton, Technical Secretary i.l.o. Cerny; J. Ganier, Secretary i.l.o. A. Roussel.
Changes for S/C Chairmen: FF L. Bovo; C/L P. Delfeld; Scale H. Ziegler i.l.o. L. Weber.


Elections: M.Hill elected Secretary i.l.o J. Ganier. No further details available of this meeting.
(Note: Historian wants minutes of this meeting.)