According to FAI Sporting Code Volume ABR paragraph B.4.3, the 3 members of the FAI Jury for an Open International event (including World Cup contests) must be from at least two different nations and have a common language. The FAI Jury must include at least one person approved by his own NAC; the other two members may be assigned by the organiser.

For contests involving a single class (which is the case for F3U World Cup contests), one or two jury members may be nominated from among the competitors. In this instance, an alternate jury member must also be nominated for each competitor jury member, to serve on the jury when considering any protest involving that competitor jury member. The members must be chosen so that the jury meets the requirements of two different nations and a common language at all times.

The FAI Jury President must submit a report within one month of the contest.

The report signed by the President of the FAI Jury must be transmitted to the World Cup Coordinator as soon as the contest is finished.