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There were initially 24 contests from 19 different countries registered in the FAI Calendar for 2018. The 2018 Brazil F3U World Cup Drone Racing has been cancelled. In addition, the 2018 Royal Adelaide Show FPV (AUS) may not be taken in account for the World Cup results considering participants were only from Australia which means the rules requirement of competitors from at least two different countries is not fulfilled.

So, finally, 22 contests from 17 different countries have been considered for the final results and placing of the World Cup, compared to 16 contests from 12 countries for 2017 and 9 contests from 7 countries for 2016.

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2018 Indonesia Drone Racing World Cup

Bali (Indonesia)

6-8 April


2018 China Drone Racing Open (WDRC Test Match)

Shenzhen (People's Republic of China)

11-13 May CHN

2018 Drone Festival Race

Gdynia (Poland)

19-20 May


2018 Seoul Drone Race World Cup

Seoul (Korea)

25-27 May


2018 Leiria Drone Race World Cup

Leiria (Portugal)

9-10 June


2018 WDR Paris World Cup

Brétigny-sur-Orge (France)

16-17 June


2018 German Drone World Cup

Nördlingen (Germany)

30 June - 1 July


2018 Cabourg World Cup

Cabourg (France)

30 June - 2 July


2018 International Drone Race Slovakia - Trencin FPV Cup Trencin (Slovakia) 30 June SVK
2018 FPV Racing World Cup Prilep (Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia) 7-8 July MKD-1
2018 Jämi FPV Open Jämijärvi (Finland) 21-22 July FIN

2018 Barcelona Drone Racing F3U World Cup

Barcelona (Spain)

21-22 July


2018 World Cup Russia

Moscow (Russia)

28-29 July



2018 World Cup Latvia Drone Racing

Riga (Latvia)

10-12 August


2018 World Cup Spain - La Rinconada Seville (Spain) 10-12 August ESP-2

2018 Mitteldeutscher FPV Race Cup

Bitterfeld (Germany)

11-12 August


2018 EPFL Drone Racing Cup Lausanne (Switzerland) 31 August - 2 September SUI
2018 Daegu Drone Race World Cup Daegu City (Korea) 7-9 September KOR-2

2018 Royal Adelaide Show FPV

Adelaide (Australia)

7-9 September


2018 F3U World Cup Italy Magreta di Sassuolo near Modena (Italy) 8-9 September ITA
2018 Noosphere Race Cup Dnipro (Ukraine) 15-16 September   UKR

2018 F3U Pam Cup

Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

29-30 September



2018 Phoenix World Cup

Prilep (Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia)

13-14 October


669 competitors from 41 countries  (AUS, AUT, BEL, BLR, BRU, BUL, CHN, CZE, DEN, ESP, EST, FIN, FRA, GBR, GER, HKG, HUN, INA, ITA, JPN, KOR, LAT, LTU, LUX, MAR, MAS, MKD, NED, NOR, POL, POR, ROM, RUS, SIN, SRB, SUI, SVK, SWE, THA, TPE, UKR) have been placed in at least one World Cup contest, compared to 434 from 37 countries last year.

The total World Cup score for each participant is the sum of their best four contest results (numbers of points). For each participant, one contest result per organising country can count towards his or her World Cup placing (with higher points awarded if he or her scores in two contests in any one organising country).

The 2 first placed are junior and 6 juniors are in the 8 top places.

Rank Competitor Country Score
1 ROUSSEAU Killian (Junior) FRA 161 points
2 WIELGOSZ Jan (Junior) POL 144 points
3 SPACEK David FAI (CZE) 144 points
4 CHOI JoonWeon (Junior) KOR 140 points
5 PETERSONS Tomass LAT 138 points
6 LASZCZAK Pawel (Junior) POL 135 points
7 GROUT Thomas (Junior) FRA 133 points
7 MAXIMOV Platon (Junior) RUS 133 points
9 FERREIRA André POR 122 points
10 PETERSONS Kristaps LAT 117 points

Note: Second and third placed have the same score. In situation of a tie for first, second or third place, placing is determined by taking in account for the concerned competitors their fifth result. This explains why Jan Wielgosz is placed in front David Spacek.

Killian ROUSSEAU (Born 8 October 2004) from France - Winner of the 2018 FAI Drone Racing World Cup